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WIFLE dedicates itself to lifelong learning, leadership and community. We believe to successfully adapt to changing work and life demands, regularly updating your skills, increasing your knowledge and being a part of something bigger is a strategy that is crucial to your future success.

To that end, WIFLE programs are designed and geared to supporting you and your career.


WIFLE Foundation Training attracts law enforcement professionals and those in related professions because of the diversity of presenters and the validity and timeliness of topics offered.  WIFLE ensures that presentations are on point and are directly applicable to today's law enforcement environment including Federal, State, Local and Tribal.  Fees normally remain at the same level as the past few years. 2023: August 14-17, 2023, Marriott Water Street, Tampa, Florida.

The Justice ClearingHouse for On Demand Education for WIFLE Members Only

In 2022, Past WIFLE President Catherine Sanz instituted a new partnership program giving WIFLE members and mentors full access to JUSTICE CLEARINGHOUSE (JCH) Education Seminars free of charge by virtue of a WIFLE Membership. The JCH is known throughout law enforcement as empowering justice professionals to serve their communities more effectively with multidisciplinary, thought-leading online and on-demand education. Example webinars can be viewed https:/

This partnership program directly brings to WIFLE Members at their location and convenience, the most current and broadest information in law enforcement. At a time when Agencies are struggling with allocating training monies, the JCH will provide an arena for WIFLE Members to join a year-round ‘virtual conference’ of training in justice and public safety. You learn from thought leaders, innovators, researchers, and streetwise, experienced professionals without the addition of cost, travel or time out of the office, courtesy of this new WIFLE partnership program. Under the program, access is 24×7 to the JCH extensive library of recorded webinars, seminars and presentations. The program also offers attendance certificates of completion, which can be used to seek continuing education credits as part of professional development/career planning.

WIFLE continually strives to do right by our members. We offer opportunities for mentoring, training, networking, partnering, training events, member advice and assistance and counseling, legal assistance, and reduced fees for such things as professional liability and long-term care insurance, just to name a few.  By entering this partnership program with the JCH, we offer our members unlimited opportunity for information and training at a time and place convenient to them.


The WELI (WIFLE Executive Leadership Institute) is open to executives at grades 13 and above (and equivalent). This is fast-paced, immersive training for higher levels of supervisors and managers.  Skills needed for success at these levels are different from those needed at the lower levels.  Read more about WELI here.


WIFLE provides for awards which are presented during the leadership training conference. 
Opens February each year; nominations are due May each year. 

WIFLE formally solicits Agencies by letter once a year to nominate individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements to compete for the various annual WIFLE Awards. WIFLE is the only organization to offer these awards to recognize exceptional courage, outstanding accomplishments, and significant contributions that have advanced the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in federal law enforcement. Additionally, WIFLE honors a federal prosecutor for exceptional work resulting in the conviction of individuals for trafficked women or children for sexual exploitation; committed or attempted to commit a crime of violence against women/or any minority group; committed a civil rights violation; and other heinous criminal offenses.   Read more about the WIFLE Awards Program.

On June 17, 2014, WIFLE President Catherine W. Sanz announced a newly established WIFLE "Elizebeth Smith Friedman Intelligence Award of Excellence." This announcement was made during the dedication ceremony of the ATF National Headquarters’ Auditorium at ATF's National Headquarters in Washington DC in Honor of Prohibition Investigator and Cryptanalyst Elizebeth Smith Friedman.

Award application forms, eligibility and criteria, and filing instructions are posted to the website annually to coincide with the WIFLE Annual Leadership Training. 


WIFLE offers various online sessions throughout a year. Recent topics included Working in the Federal Intelligence Community, Federal Telework Guidelines, Recruiting Customs and Border Protection Officers, Anti-Defamation Awareness, Suicide Prevention, and similar.

Call WIFLE at 301-805-2180 to be included in the notification list. Visit the WIFLE Calendar for current openings, session details and registration. No charge for these classes.


December 1, 2022, WIFLE announced it joined the 30x30 Initiative. 30% female law enforcement by 2030. WIFLE is committed to working with the federal agencies to reach this goal.


WIFLE offers many opportunities for advertising with various programs and events throughout a year using its partners and sponsors.  During the Annual WIFLE Foundation Training period, your opportunities for exposure are heightened by using one of our avenues. You can reach a wide and diverse audience of law enforcement officers at various grade levels. View our Sponsorship Prospectus. Contact the President, Catrina M. Bonus, to discuss.


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