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Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc.

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WIFLE In The Community: What’s New?

In October 2023, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc.’s Executive Committee President Amber Jordan, Inspector Attorney, U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) presented an idea that would broaden our organization’s community outreach. After collaborating with the WIFLE Foundation, Inc.’s President Catrina Bonus and Vice President Jessie Lane, these leaders devised a strategy for establishing a program called WIFLE Foundation, Inc. – WIFLE Engagement and Community Impact (WECI)

So, what is the basic premise behind WECI? The WIFLE Foundation, Inc., believes it is important to establish a direct connection between our organization, young girls, and the community. This successful integration will also expand WIFLE Foundation, Inc.’s visibility with members of the public by making them aware of the important work we are doing to close the gender equity gap for women in law enforcement.

How will WECI impact the community?
WECI describes an actionable concept that effectively defines our forward-leaning approach to support young girls through our neighborhood schools, community drives, and a broad spectrum of programs, processes, and projects that impact the livelihood of our diverse population. Whether it is adopting a middle school, collecting food donations, supporting holiday toy drives, partnering with law enforcement on behalf of safe school initiatives, or being a mentor, WECI plans to outwardly demonstrate care and concern for young girls, their families, and communities in need.

Can WIFLE members support WECI?
Yes, WIFLE members can offer their support of the projects and programs that WIFLE leadership designate as an official WECI event. WIFLE  members will receive further information about these events by email. We will be sure to keep you informed concerning WECI events in 2024.
Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of our future generations of young girls.


January 26, 2024, St. Paul's Episcopal Church Grate Patrol

February 02, 2024, St. Paul's Episcopal Church Grate Patrol

Below Photos:
Christopher Stock (U.S. Department of the Interior); Robert MacLean (U.S. Department of the Interior); Charmaine Carr (Supreme Court of the United States Police); Jessie Lane (WIFLE Foundation); Amber Jordan (Women in Federal Law Enforcement)and St. Paul's Grate Patrol staff.

Jessie L. Lane, Vice President, WIFLE Foundation, Inc.

Amber Jordan, President, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc.

Star Hy, WIFLE LIFE Member, Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service

"Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc." is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1999.
Its  predecessor was ICWIFLE (Interagency Committee on Women in Federal Law Enforcement) founded by OPM in 1970's.

Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc. (a professional association) and WIFLE Foundation, Inc. (a charitable and educational organization) are founded under the Internal Revenue Service Codes 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(3), respectively. Both organizations use "WIFLE" as their short-version name.

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