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In 2011, Margaret Moore, then President of the WIFLE Foundation, launched the Executive Leadership Institute at WIFLE's June Annual Leadership Training. The mission of the Institute is to educate government women leaders, and those that help women in government to excel, learn about the issues that affect all women in the US and internationally and how they can become more aware of the environment in which they operate daily. The response was overwhelming and exciting. The participants gave credence to what WIFLE already knew - that at the senior levels of Federal law enforcement, broad and unique insights for women managers is needed. Thus WELI fills a gap for senior level management training for women law enforcement professionals. The WELI sessions are for women at the GS Grades of 13,14, 15 and SES (and State and local equivalent levels); the seminar is conducted during the annual training event. A small fee may be charged for attendance which is separate from the annual training registration fee for participants not registered for the entire training week.

The WELI events attract women in law enforcement at the higher levels of supervisory and management responsibilities. Skills to be successful at these levels are different than those needed at lower levels. For example, at the higher levels of responsibility, your mission view must be much broader and encompass solutions that may have longer or agency-wide impacts. While thinking 'out-of-the-box' is a must, basic leadership thinking may be even more critical for long-term success. Women in law enforcement at the higher levels face challenges which may result in dramatic career changing paths; may be subject to scrutiny and questions not appearing at a lower employee level; or, may not be fully recognized or heard when it comes to voicing opinions or contributing to the workplace goals. Furthermore, those who work along side women, their mentors, and male peers, may not be aware of the wider range of environmental factors which influence and affect women in the law enforcement fields. The WELI Seminars address these issues and more in succinct, deliberately paced sessions for senior level officials. 

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