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Goals, Mission, Values


  • To assist federal agencies to recruit, retain, and train women in federal law enforcement.

  • To identify federal agency barriers to hiring, promoting, and retaining women in the law enforcement professions.

  • To monitor progress and recommend methods to hire, promote and retain women in federal law enforcement.

  • To enhance the image of women in federal law enforcement in the communities we serve.

  • To promote the value of communication, collaboration and credibility in leadership styles.

  • To research issues affecting women in federal law enforcement and establish and maintain an information-sharing network.


To promote gender equity through leadership education that provides training, research, scholarships, awards, and networking opportunities in partnership with federal law enforcement agencies, WIFLE members and WIFLE sponsors.


WIFLE values communication, collaboration and credibility as an effective leadership style while maintaining a commitment to  high ethical standards.

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