WIFLE's Ninth Annual Leadership Training Conference was held in June 2008 at The Hyatt Regency Tampa, Tampa, Florida and was a huge success. The hotel was host to almost 700 conference attendees who took part in the many interesting and highly informative workshops, open sessions, and other events. WIFLE President Rebekah Salazar told a reporter from the Tampa Tribune that the turnout for this year’s Training Conference “is the most I’ve ever seen.” 

Be sure to check out www.wifle.org to view the photos and recap some of the highlights of the Training Conference.

Invites WIFLE Members to its
Leadership Conference

The National Center for Women and Policing (NCWP) has announced a 2-day conference on leadership and workplace issues for women in law enforcement on October 21-22, 2008, at the Portland Regency Hotel in Portland, Maine. NCWP is partnering with the Portland, Maine Police Department and the Maine State Police to host the conference for criminal justice and law enforcement personnel.

WIFLE members attending the training conference will receive a discount and will pay a registration fee of only $199.00 – regular registration is $250.00. Register today as this important conference will be sold out. For all the conference details, go to www.womenandpolicing.org.

WIFLE is kicking off an aggressive drive to increase membership in 2008 and 2009. As most of you already know, there are a number of important benefits available to WIFLE members, including, among other things, a Professional Liability Program, free legal counseling, and members only sponsored scholarships for law enforcement related degrees. We are now asking your help to spread the word about the great benefits of WIFLE membership and issuing the following challenge to current members: 

> Between September 1, 2008 and 
June 1, 2009, bring in three new 
WIFLE members and receive a one-year WIFLE membership renewal free!

Let’s all support WIFLE in this membership drive. For further details on WIFLE membership benefits, go to www.wifle.org

If you haven’t done so already, go to www.wifle.org and view the newly-designed WIFLE web. Many thanks go to Carol A. Paterick, WIFLE’s able technical support guru and website manager, for the updated graphics and organization.


Mark your calendars!  In 2009 WIFLE will be celebrating ten years of leadership and networking for women in law enforcement.

Come to beautiful Tucson, Arizona, June 15 
through 18, 2009, to celebrate with us at WIFLE’s 10th Annual Leadership Training Conference. The conference will be held at the Westin La Paloma Hotel and Conference Center.

To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we are already planning for our best leadership training conference ever. Go to the WIFLE Annual Training page for early details on the conference, and stay tuned for future announcements and information concerning this great opportunity.

We hope to see you there!

For the first time in its history, WIFLE is minting a challenge coin that will be available around October 1, 2008. One coin will be offered to WIFLE members free of charge. Additional coins may be purchased through the WIFLE Store for a cost of $6.50 per coin, plus $2.25 each for shipping and handling. Below is an artist mock-up of the new WIFLE challenge coin.  

These coins are unique and of the highest quality manufacturing. The design and dies were hand-created for WIFLE. Made of high density brass and finished with a 24kt gold plating, it is bright and shiny and a highly desirable collectible. The details are hand-painted in enamel and its size is 1.75". The tremendous attention to detail gives WIFLE a coin of the highest quality and unlike any other you have seen.  Spread the word and collect your coin soon!

WIFLE is making arrangements to join and partner with the 911 Cell Phone Bank organization. Endorsed by the National Sheriffs Association and the National Association of Triads, the 911 Cell Phone Bank is working to ensure that seniors and victims have access to emergency 911 communications. 

As soon as the necessary arrangements are completed, the information on the donation process will appear on the WIFLE website. In the meantime, you can go to www.911cellphonebank.org for details on how the organization can maximize the effect of your cell phone donation. 

Consider donating your old cell phone to 911 Cell Phone Bank. Generous WIFLE supporters are needed!


by Saundra K. Harman, President of Harman & Associates, Inc.


Article on 
Withdrawing Your TSP Account in PDF

Withdrawing your TSP Account

Your Withdrawal Options

Partial Withdrawal

If you want to make a one-time-only withdrawal of part of your TSP account and leave the rest in the TSP until a later date, use Form TSP-77 (TSP-U-77), Request for Partial Withdrawal When Separated. You can make a partial withdrawal of $1,000 or more from your account.

You are eligible to make a partial withdrawal so long as you did not make an age-based in-service withdrawal (at age 59½ or older) from your TSP account while you were employed by the Federal government or the uniformed services.

Full Withdrawal

When you are ready to withdraw all of your money from your TSP account, there are a number of ways you can do so.
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