WIFLE 12th Annual Conference:
June 20-23, 2011 in Long Beach, CA

Come join WIFLE at the 12th Annual Leadership Training Conference in Long Beach, CA. The host hotel this year is the Hyatt Regency Long Beach.  The annual conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow women in law enforcement, participate in informative leadership and practical training seminars, and share a great time, too. While you are at the conference, sign up to take part in the Julie Y. Cross Memorial Golf Tournament on June 19 at the gorgeous Sea Cliff Country Club in Huntington Beach, CA. The golf tournament raises funds for the WIFLE scholarships awarded annually and presented at the conference. In addition, pre-conference special training sessions will be offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration, and the Port of Long Beach. 

There is still time to register. For all conference details and information, go to www.wifle.org/conference2011. Don’t miss it! 

WIFLE Announces 2011 Award and Scholarship Winners

WIFLE proudly announces the winners of its annual awards and scholarships. The 2011 awards recognize exceptional courage, outstanding accomplishments, and significant contributions toward advancing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in federal law enforcement, as well as exceptional work achieved by a federal prosecutor. 
The 2011 scholarships awarded by the WIFLE Foundation through the WIFLE Scholarship Fund are designed to benefit talented individuals to meet the demands of law enforcement and foster the professional development of awardees. Scholarships are based on the student’s academic potential, achievement, and commitment to serving their local communities. This year’s winners will receive a total of $12,500.

Winners of the 2011 awards and scholarships will be honored at the WIFLE Awards Banquet on June 22, 2011, during the Annual Leadership Training Conference in Long Beach, California. Complete information on the winners of this year’s WIFLE awards and scholarships can be found at these links:  Awards (PDF)   |   Scholarship (PDF)

WIFLE Develops Model Pregnancy Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement

Margaret M. Moore, Executive Director WIFLE Inc./President WIFLE Foundation Inc.

On May 1, 2011, WIFLE posted on its website new model pregnancy guidelines for federal law enforcement agencies. The model pregnancy policy is the result of several years of research and input from federal law enforcement agencies and is based on policy guidelines adopted by the International Associations of Chiefs of Police in 2010. The goal of the WIFLE policy is to provide standardized guidance to appropriate officials dealing with assignments involving pregnant law enforcement officers. Additionally, the policy provides options for pregnant law enforcement officers wishing to remain working for as long as reasonably practical. The guidance seeks to protect a woman’s right to work and protection of the property interest in her job, while guarding against the risks inherent in the performance of her duties.

WIFLE will distribute the policy at the 12th Annual Leadership Training Conference in June in Long Beach, CA. For inquiries about the model pregnancy policy, please call WIFLE at 703-548-9211or email wifle@comcast.net. For access to the complete “Pregnancy Guidelines for Federal Law Enforcement” see www.wifle.org/pdf/PregancyGuidelines.pdf


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Come Meet Marist College at the Annual Conference!

Will you attend this year’s WIFLE Leadership Training Conference in Long Beach? If so, be sure to stop by the Marist College booth in the Expo Hall! If you’ve been thinking about a return to school to pursue a graduate degree, this couldn’t be a better time. Marist’s 100% online Master of Public Administration for Law Enforcement will prepare you for your next career step. 

Classes start in September with an application deadline of August 1. Come talk with us at the WIFLE conference and learn how obtaining a graduate degree in Public Administration (MPA) can help differentiate you from the competition and provide valuable management and leadership skills. Starting this fall, Marist will also offer three distinct concentrations as part of the MPA degree. Each three-course concentration can be completed 100% online and allow you to specialize in a particular area of interest – Public Management, Ethical Leadership, or Health Care Administration.

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The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Open Season ends June 24, 2011!

“Now is the Time to Take the Next Step!”

“If you’ve decided to take advantage of the financial security and independence the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) may provide, then now is definitely the right time,” said Joan Melanson, Director of Program Promotion for the FLTCIP. With abbreviated underwriting, there are only a few key decisions to make, just seven health questions to answer, and a minimum of effort needed to apply.”

During the FLTCIP Open Season, actively at work Federal and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employees and their spouses, and active members of the uniformed services and their spouses can apply with abbreviated underwriting. And in keeping with President Obama's June 17, 2009 memorandum Federal Benefits and Non-Discrimination, same-sex domestic partners of Federal and USPS employees can also apply with abbreviated underwriting. 

While the FLTCIP accepts applications from eligible individuals throughout the year, the 2011 FLTCIP Open Season offers more people the opportunity to apply with abbreviated underwriting—and it’s the first Open Season since the FLTCIP was introduced in 2002. Applying now could not be easier — you can even do it online or over the phone. 







Obama Seeks 2-Year Term Extension for FBI Director Mueller 
From FEDagent.com, May 12, 2011

On May 12, President Barack Obama announced he will request a two-year extension for Robert Mueller’s term as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This is a rare exemption that is meant to lend stability in a time of change. The request comes less than two weeks after U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden. 

“Given the ongoing threat facing the United States, as well as the leadership transitions at other agencies like the Defense Department and Central Intelligence Agency, I believe continuity and stability at the FBI is critical at this time,” said Obama.

Mueller, 66, currently faces mandatory retirement on Sept. 4 under a law that caps the service of FBI directors at 10 years. The 10-year limit was set after J. Edgar Hoover served 48 years as head of the bureau. Since then, no FBI director has served the full 10 years.

Mueller was nominated to head the FBI in 2001 by then-President George W. Bush. He started one week prior to the attacks on September 11, and has successfully led the government’s efforts to prevent another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. 

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2011 Partnership Renewal: WIFLE and Police One/Calibre Press

WIFLE is pleased to announce the renewal of the partnership between WIFLE and Police One/Calibre Press for 2011.

This partnership is designed to create a platform for co-marketing initiatives, provide structure for content sharing and drive market awareness for the members, clients and subscribers of both associations. 
The Law Enforcement Division at Praetorian is comprised of the PoliceOne network and the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminars. The PoliceOne network receives more than one million unique visitors per month and counts 250,000 confirmed law enforcement professionals as members. The Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar is one of the premier brands in law enforcement training and trains nearly 10,000 officers per year. 

WIFLE has renewed the partnership agreement with PoliceOne.com and Calibre Press. As a benefit of this partnership, all WIFLE members are eligible for a PoliceOne membership online and can go to https://secure.policeone.com/registration to subscribe. 

WIFLE members will also receive a 20% discount when they register for a Street Survival Seminar. These seminars are held in various cities throughout the year. Go to www.calibrepress.com for training schedules and locations. When you register, please inform them if you are a WIFLE member to receive a discount.

WIFLE Members Benefit from Calibre Press’ Partnership with Lt. Col. Grossman

WIFLE members also benefit from the recently announced partnership between Calibre Press and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Lt. Col. Grossman, one of the nation’s leading law enforcement trainers, and Calibre Press have teamed up to present The Bullet Proof Mind: A mental preparation for combat. 

The two-day Bulletproof Mind course covers critical areas of insight for post-traumatic stress indicators and management, surviving gunshot wounds, combat preparation, recognizing terrorist threats, and responding to active shooter situations and other violent encounters. The seminar is geared toward professionals from all walks of law enforcement and emphasizes the importance of recognizing signs of a threat and potential combative situations.

Because of the partnership between Calibre Press and WIFLE, all members of WIFLE will receive a 20 percent discount to attend this very valuable training. 


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Failure to Prove Constructive Discharge Claims Proves Costly for Retired Employee 

By Peter J. Jeffrey, Esq., Member and Director of Litigation Mahoney & Jeffrey, PLLC, The Federal Employee’s Law Firm®

Prior to relocating from Texas to Arizona, Randy C. Davidson signed a service agreement with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in which he agreed:

. . . that if I fail to fulfill the terms of this agreement by resigning, voluntarily retiring, vacating my position with authority ... before the twelve month period, I will repay the United States Government all costs the Drug Enforcement Administration has paid towards my relocation expenses including the withholding tax allowance (WTA) and the relocation income tax allowance (RITA).

The DEA paid Mr. Davidson’s relocation expenses, totaling $50,175. Prior to the completion of the twelve-month period, Mr. Davidson retired, alleging that the DEA forced him to retire by subjecting him to a hostile work environment. Thereafter, the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) ruled against Mr. Davidson’s constructive discharge appeal, finding that his retirement was voluntary. Davidson v. Department of Justice, MSPB DE-0752-11-0046-I-I (Feb. 18, 2011) (unpublished).

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The Personal Threats by Domestic Terrorists

Article by Federal Employees Defense Services (FEDS) 

On May 15, 2011, "60 Minutes" correspondent Byron Pitts informed the world of an increase in "sovereign citizen"-related violence against judges, law enforcement officers, and other government officials. Prior to the airing of this episode, many federal employees were unaware of the violence and harassment and intimidation tactics used by the individuals and groups of the sovereign citizen movement against government officials and their family members, as well as the lasting impact these domestic terrorists can have on all those with whom they come in contact.  Sovereign citizens, also referred to as "freemen" or "common law citizens", believe that virtually all existing government in the United States is illegitimate, and that he/she is not subject to any statutes or proceedings at the federal, state or municipal level. Sovereign citizens resist, sometimes with violence, everything from a traffic stop to the enforcement of building codes to the payment of taxes. Sovereign citizen groups reject all those who do not share their same anti-government beliefs and have "waged war" against the government and other forms of authority as retribution. 

COMPLETE Article (PDf) at this link.

Photo of WIFLE, Inc. Executive Director Margaret Moore, the GEICO Gecko, and Deputy Executive Director Monica Blodgett Rocchio at the May 2 GEICO Public Service Awards.
2011 GEICO Public Service Awards

WIFLE, Inc. Executive Director Margaret Moore and Deputy Executive Director Monica Blodgett Rocchio represented WIFLE at the 2011 GEICO Public Service Awards ceremony on May 2, 2011, at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC. 

The GEICO Public Service Awards were established in 1980 and are awarded annually to recognize the contributions of the many hardworking, talented federal employees. Too often, the public is unaware of the exemplary efforts of federal servants. The GEICO awards were designed to bring public attention to federal employees and their accomplishments. The awards also recognize individuals who continue to be involved in worthwhile activities following retirement from federal service. For information regarding the various GEICO Public Service Awards and this year’s winners, see http://www.geico.com/information/federal/service-awards

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Beauty, Brains & A Badge - When B+B+B=C

By June Werdlow Rogers

As a teen in the 1970s, I enjoyed watching Get Christie Love, Police Woman, and the Mod Squad. Each of these popular television programs showcased beautiful women bringing about justice with brains and a badge. Though perhaps the only place this notion is accepted is Hollywood. Ergo, 2011; in the real world, thousands of women across the nation now carry a badge. We know these women are smart because among the evidence is their academy graduations. As for beauty - I’ve never met a L.E.O. who isn’t striking in her own way. There you have it - beauty, brains and a badge - so what’s the problem? 

It’s what I’ll call the “airhead syndrome” - some just assume that a woman cannot be both beautiful and brainy. For example, a study that focused on selection found that it was beneficial to male applicants to be attractive, but detrimental for women applicants (Johnston, 2010). In particular “attractive women were discriminated against when applying for jobs considered "masculine" and for which appearance was not seen as important to the job.” Appearing on the observed bias list were the jobs of director and supervisor. Johnson and her colleagues found that attractive men suffered no similar discrimination.

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Annual Business Meeting for 2011


In accordance with existing by-laws, WIFLE will hold its Annual Business Meeting on Thursday June 23, 2011, starting at 8:00 a.m. in the Regency F Room at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, 200 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.    All WIFLE members are invited to attend this important meeting.  


Topics to be discussed include:

  Ø  Activities in 2010 and 2011;

  Ø  Financial Reports for 2010;

  Ø  Membership Report;

  Ø  Status of Trademarks;

  Ø  WIFLE Strategic Plan and Structure;

  Ø  Report on WIFLE Foundation, Inc. and WIFLE Scholarship Fund.


Your response via email to WIFLE@comcast.net no later than June 10, 2011, indicating that you will attend this meeting will be greatly appreciated.

Copyright (c)2011 WIFLE, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.










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