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WIFLE, a Sponsor of the Seventh Annual Reception for the National Law Enforcement Museum
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WIFLE Executive Director Margaret Moore (left) meets with Chief of Police Val Demings of Orlando PD (center) and Chief Jane Castor of Tampa PD (right) at the IACP conference in Orlando.
     WIFLE participated as a proud sponsor of the “Seventh Annual Reception for the National Law Enforcement Museum” held at the Rosen Center, Orlando, Florida on Sunday, October 24, 2010. The reception was held in conjunction with the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Orlando. A few days following this event, WIFLE Executive Director Margaret Moore attended a Women in Leadership Luncheon, hosted by Motorola and the National Association of Women in Law Enforcement Executives. Almost 300 women were present at the luncheon, which was held on October 26 in Orlando.
WIFLE 2010 Human Trafficking Seminar





View Agenda at this Link.





(l to r) Jessie Lane, WIFLE< Inc. Vice President; Tina Frundt, Executive Director, Courtney's House (speaker); Margaret Moore; Mary Irene Cooper, WIFLE, Inc. President


     WIFLE and the National Center for Women and Policing partnered with the Embassy of France to present the Human Trafficking Seminar 2010 on November 30, 2010. Almost 200 people were registered to attend this year’s Human Trafficking Seminar. Each year, the seminars are attended by more and more interested parties.

     The seminars represent one of WIFLE’s ways of giving back to the law enforcement community by bringing together federal, state, local, and international components to focus on this extremely important issue. Non-governmental agencies also attend and are able to interact with law enforcement to enhance their efforts to assist victims of human trafficking. A networking reception hosted by the Embassy of France followed the day-long seminar.


     See the link at the left to view the seminar agenda.  Read Summary below.


The WIFLE Foundation, Inc. and the National Center for Women and Policing, in partnership with the Embassy of France, presented the sixth annual human trafficking seminar at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. This year’s seminar focused on the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The nearly 200 registered participants were welcomed by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Francois Rivasseau, Embassy of France; Margaret Moore, President, WIFLE Foundation & Executive Director, WIFLE, Inc.; and Romuald Mueller, Commissaire Divisionaire, French National Police, Police Attache.

Topics discussed during the day included:

· France’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and Its Role in Combating Trafficking of Children (PHAROS);
· Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes in the United States;
· U.S. Federal Agencies’ Jurisdictions;
· Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) Providing Services to Victims; and
· International Efforts and Issues Affecting Investigations of the Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Tina Frundt, founder and Executive Director of Courtney’s House, a victim-centered group house in Washington, D.C. , spoke about her experiences and her organization. Courtney’s House is dedicated to helping girls and boys who are survivors of domestic sex trafficking by providing services and resources. Margaret Moore presented Ms. Frundt with a donation from the WIFLE Foundation.

The informative day ended with a networking reception hosted by the Embassy of France.

WIFLE Announces Partnership with LTC Partners
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Joan Melanson, CLTC, LTCP
Director, Program Promotion
Long Term Care Partners, LLC
Long Term Care - The single-most unfunded liability that American families will face in their lifetimes.  By educating employees to prepare for that possibility now, you can help protect their retirement income and the lifestyle of those whom they care about most. 


     WIFLE is pleased to announce a new partnership with LTC Partners, LLC, administrators of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program sponsored by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. LTC Partners has also signed on as the first corporate sponsor – a Gold Sponsor! – of the 2011 WIFLE Leadership Training Conference scheduled for June 21-23 at The Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, CA. In addition, LTC Partners has agreed to write an article for the WIFLE E-News. See below for December’s submission by LTC Partners.

Get Answers to Your Questions About The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

     Federal Family members and their qualified relatives have access to the experience and knowledge of Certified Long Term Care Insurance Consultants at Long Term Care Partners– the administrator of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP). With a toll-free call, Federal Family members can get professional input to guide decision-making, compare plans, and help in completing an application for coverage at no charge.

WIFLE Partners with FEDagent to Benefit Members


     WIFLE welcomes FEDagent as a new partner. FEDagent offers WIFLE members the opportunity to stay up-to-date on current news in the field of law enforcement through subscriptions to FEDagent’s free weekly E-Report. FEDagent has also agreed to submit to WIFLE E-News each quarter an article of interest to WIFLE members.

     Click here to learn all about FEDagent and read this issue’s news article.

Controversial Case Against ATF Agent Dismissed
ATF_SA4.jpg (498439 bytes)      The controversial case against Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agent Will Clark was dismissed recently by a U.S. Judge in the Virgin Island. Agent Clark had been charged with use of excessive force in the death of his neighbor after he intervened in a domestic dispute. Agent Clark claimed self defense and had been internally cleared by his agency and represented by the Department of Justice who determined he had acted properly in the circumstances.

     This important case ruling sends a welcomed message to all law enforcement officers that – whether they are on duty or not – their lawful actions to protect the innocent public should not be prosecuted. For the complete story, click on the link provided below.

Breaking News: Virgin Islands Judge Tosses Case Against ATF Agent Will Clark 

FEHB Changes from The Affordable Care Act

Saundra K. Harman is the President and founder of S. Harman & Associates, Inc. and is involved in the development and presentation of employee benefits and employee relations training courses and seminars.  Ms. Harman has conducted hundreds of seminars for federal personnel specialists, managers, and employees.  

     On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a result of this legislation, Federal employees will soon see important improvements in their Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage, including expanded family member eligibility and enhanced benefits.

     Because of the Affordable Care Act, beginning January 1, 2011:

  Children will be eligible for coverage under their parent’s FEHB Program Self and Family enrollment until they turn age 26.

  All FEHB Program plans will cover recommended preventive care services without additional out-of-pocket costs to enrollees.

  All FEHB Program plans have eliminated any lifetime limits and annual limits on essential health benefits.

In addition:

  All FEHB Program Plans will cover comprehensive smoking cessation benefits that include coverage for counseling, medication, multiple quit attempts with no annual or lifetime limitations, and no enrollee cost sharing.


Marist College Reports National Interest Soars for Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degrees 
     While some would say that the 1990s and 2000s represented the heyday for professionals with an MBA, the dawn of the 2010 decade is starting strong for those pursing a Master of Public Administration degree (MPA). The high level of interest the Master of Public (as opposed to Business) Administration may reflect several factors: a growing number of soon-retiring law enforcement professionals looking to begin second careers, an increased level of employment opportunities in the government and health care administration sectors, and the need for qualified criminal justice instructors with advanced degrees to teach at colleges and academies throughout the nation.


     The MPA is especially relevant for law enforcement, human service, and government professionals, as well as those interested in non-profit administration.  Public Administration programs typically stress three important areas:

1)      understanding the political, legal, ethical and social context of public sector administration;

2)      achieving proficiency in a full range of management techniques as well as developing an understanding of organizational behavior; and

3)      developing the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies to solve important problems, conduct policy analysis, and program evaluations.


While these skills are important for advancement within the law enforcement field, they are also valuable for public safety leadership positions within education, health care, government, and many other fields.


Shaw, Bransford & Roth, PC Partners with WIFLE
     WIFLE has another new partner and an additional new benefit for WIFLE members. WIFLE is pleased to announce that Shaw, Bransford & Roth, PC (SB&R), the leader in federal employment law, is our latest partner.

     Founded in 1982, the law firm of Shaw, Bransford & Roth, P.C., provides superior legal representation on a wide range of employment law and federal personnel law issues. SB&R attorneys litigate cases before the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Foreign Service Grievance Board, and federal and state courts. Lawyers at SB&R have extensive experience dealing with federal agencies and Congress. Because many of our attorneys have worked in government, we understand the people in government and how agencies work.

     SB&R represents federal employees in the following areas:
• Performance Issues
• EEO Matters
• Adverse Actions
• Security Clearances
• IG & OSC Investigations

     WIFLE members now receive two free ½ hour phone consultations, not on the same matter, annually from SB&R concerning federal employment issues. In order to take advantage of this great member benefit, please call 1-888-463-8406, option 8, or 202-822-9335, option 8 (DC area), for your free consultation. 

     You can access SB&R and the other WIFLE partners at www.wifle.org


Treat Moon-walking Like It’s a Crime
By June Werdlow Rogers
     I admit to being conflicted when I listened to a woman I’ll call Rose. She expressed annoyance at being given a front-line assignment that placed her in danger. As a senior agent she believes she’s “paid her dues.” On one hand, I can feel Rose’s pain and understand the frustration that comes with always having to prove oneself. But on the other hand, I worry that having fewer women in enforcement roles is causing us to lose ground.

     Consider that the first women in local policing were relegated to quasi-social work tasks such as, handling missing persons’ complaints, being caretakers for delinquent youth; or regulatory duties like writing parking tickets. Then came the 1970s where many police departments were legally compelled to hire women with full authority. The history of women in federal law enforcement does not suggest that women were eagerly embraced on the enforcement front either. Begrudgingly, agencies hired women with full arrest powers and regardless of whether we should have it was up to us to show them that we could do the job. And show them we did.

     By the 1980s, many men, having worked with serious women agents, would honestly report that we are capable. There exists no credible reason to exclude women from the full range of the duties of a sworn law enforcement officer. This reality notwithstanding, the perception still lingers among what I believe is a minority, that women do not belong in law enforcement.

New Online Video Training – PoliceOne Academy from Calibre Press and PoliceOne.com – WIFLE members qualify for special pricing!
     WIFLE members can now access top quality training instantly through the PoliceOne Academy, a revolutionary online video training resource for law enforcement from PoliceOne and Calibre Press.

     The Academy features more than 300 high-definition videos in more than 50 categories, delivering instant, cost-effective access to training. These video training segments will not only improve your team’s performance, but will give them essential skills to help them succeed on the job. With categories ranging from defensive tactics to leadership, the videos are ideal for downloading to your computer for roll call or in-service training. 

     As a benefit of the partnership between Calibre Press, PoliceOne and WIFLE, members of WIFLE qualify for a 10 percent discount on Academy subscriptions using discount code WIFLEP1. Your academy subscription gives your agency access 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection. The PoliceOne Academy eliminates the overtime, travel, and the extra costs usually associated with training. The video library is updated weekly with featured training segments, and as a bonus, your subscription includes a monthly DVD delivered to your agency.

Networking for Women in Law Enforcement

     Betsy Brantner Smith of Calibre Press has a dynamic relationship with WIFLE that includes presenting workshops at WIFLE leadership training conferences and writing a column for the WIFLE E-News. Her long career in law enforcement provides her with an interesting perspective on issues from a woman’s point of view. Read her thoughts on networking for women in the law enforcement arena based on her personal experience that appeared recently on Officer.com.


FEDS – Federal Employee Defense Services, Inc.
     As a provider of professional liability insurance for federal law enforcement officers, we know what false allegations, public scrutiny, trumped up charges and super-charged environments can do to the career (and sometimes personal life) of a federal law enforcement officer. These things can and do lead to civil and criminal exposures, in this article, however, we're going to discuss how they lead to administrative exposures and how the administrative provision of our policy responds.*

     Administrative exposure refers to administrative investigations into allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing, disciplinary proceedings, and judicial sanction proceedings. This includes OIG, OSC, OPR (Internal Affairs), Congressional and management directed investigations that could result in an action taken against you.

     Anyone can make an allegation or file a claim against you resulting in an investigation. Complaints against officers are made by targets, subjects, criminal defendants, subordinate or other employees, members of the public or special interest groups, and sometimes even politically motivated officials, resulting in the above mentioned investigations. Some of the most common allegations against law enforcement officers include: alleged abuse of investigative authority, abuse of position allegations, allegations of use of force violations, lost service weapon or alleged failure to properly safeguard weapon, failure to follow SOP or other supervisory instructions, negligent performance of duties resulting in escape of illegal alien, fugitive or subject, or other operational error(s), allegedly providing false or inaccurate information in an investigative document or in court testimony, etc.

Merry Christmas to All from WIFLE

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