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by Margaret Moore

Welcome to the first publication of WIFLE-Enews. Since the inception of WIFLE we have promised our members a newsletter that would be informative and relevant to women in federal law enforcement. This publication will meet that goal and also address issues critical to law enforcement as a whole. 

We are having a conference this year in Palm Springs, California that you can read more about in the Deputy Director’s message. Our 2005 conference focus will be on women and leadership, international law enforcement liaison, increasing the numbers of women in federal law enforcement, retention and promotion of more women, terrorism, cyberspace security, identity theft, critical incident management, and dealing with the media. We are currently looking for proposals and recommendations for this year’s workshops. Please visit our web site at www.wifle.org and submit your proposal by 1/15/05.

Our awards ceremony is one of the highlights of the conference. Incorporated into that special event will be a remembrance of the women agents who have been killed in the line of duty. Special tribute will be paid to S/A Julie Y. Cross and the past awardees, as it is the 25th anniversary of her death. We hope you will join us at our 2005 conference. 

Please urge other women to join WIFLE. We hope to expand our membership and it is through the good word of our current members that we are able to do this. A special thanks is offered to our Lifetime Members. These are the folks who helped WIFLE when we needed it most. This is our 6th year as a not for profit organization and we think we have made great progress.

Enjoy reading and please submit articles for review and possible publication to wifle@comcast.net. This will be a quarterly publication for the foreseeable future with a goal of increasing to a monthly publication.

Best regards, Margie  

Monica Blodgett Rocchio, Deputy Director, WIFLE

WIFLE takes it out on the road
by Monica Blodgett Rocchio

Renowned speakers and distinguished guests, Monica Blodgett Rocchio once said, is "the kind of thing you can count on from WIFLE at its Annual Leadership Training Conferences." It has to be said that Monica has a point- the training is one of the many outreach and education efforts that WIFLE is devoted to.  Anyone who has attended an Annual Conferences in recent years will agree. Preparation is underway for 2005. Learn more here.

The 2004 conference was a great success. One of the most inspiring presentations was by Shoshana Johnson, former POW who was taken hostage in March 2003 in Iraq. This photo was taken on June 22, 2004, after WIFLE members presented her with a Leadership Award for her courage, dignity, and leadership that serve as an inspiration to all women. Learn more about the awards program.

Michele Leonhart was unanimously confirmed as the Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) by the U.S. Senate on March 8, 2004, following her nomination by President George W. Bush. Interested in a career in federal narcotics law enforcement, Deputy Administrator Leonhart applied for a position with the DEA and was hired as a Special Agent in late 1980. Learn more here.

Barbara Riggs, a veteran of almost 30 years with the United States Secret Service, began serving as Deputy Director on September 19, 2004.  Her appointment marks a significant milestone for the Secret Service as she is the first woman in the agency's 139-year history to serve as Deputy Director. With her promotion, Riggs also joins an elite group in becoming one of the highest ranking women in career federal law enforcement history, and is currently the highest ranking woman in law enforcement within the Department of Homeland Security.  With her long and impressive career with the Secret Service and the outstanding skills she has as a leader, what else can you say? —It just fits.

October brought good news on HR 218 ("Right-to-Carry"). After more than ten years of lobbying the Congress for passage of the "Right-to-Carry" Bill, it is now national law. Officially titled the "Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004," the Bill allows active duty and retired law enforcement officers the right to carry firearms in intrastate travel.
Full text of HR 218 here. 

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WIFLE will solicit nominations for its Annual Awards Program. Agencies will be invited to submit nominations in all three of the categories. The forms will be placed on the WIFLE website to download the submission forms.

WIFLE will again offer scholarships through its Annual Scholarship Program. WIFLE scholarships are awarded on the basis of the student's academic potential, achievement and commitment to serving communities in the field of law enforcement.   The scholarship will be open to all eligible persons. The forms will be on the WIFLE website download and read more details.

Did you know WIFLE has a career center on its website?  Agencies can post notices  for law enforcement and support positions without charge. WIFLE's job pages receive 100 hits a week. 

Members of WIFLE's Executive Board can be found here.


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