2006 WIFLE President Says Farewell
by S/A Stephanie J. Davis, United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigations

My year as President is coming to an end, and I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be your President.  It was truly my honor.  I felt great joy in being President during what was a good year for WIFLE.  I loved stepping out and representing WIFLE, and helping others know who we are and what we are about.  I strongly believe in WIFLE, and it is has been very easy to be a part of a group when you believe in it. 

In the past year, we have developed and initiated a strategic plan so WIFLE can strive towards making the organization a stronger one.  We are working towards developing a WIFLE Foundation which is the education arm of WIFLE.  We have increased the number of scholarships awarded and monies paid out to our scholarship recipients.  Our 2006 leadership conference was well received by all who attended and plans for 2007 indicate promise of another great conference.  I look forward to the 2007 conference in Palm Springs and hope to see many of you there.  I encourage those who attended conferences in the past, to join us in 2007 and to bring a colleague with you or encourage another to attend.  We always work hard to bring you an agenda that will help enhance your careers as law enforcement professionals.  Remember, we are always open to suggestions!  If you have an idea of a topic that would be of benefit to the community, please let us know.  I also encourage those who are in the Washington, DC area to volunteer to represent your agency as our representative group helps us to work for you. 

I have worked with a great group of women on our Executive Committee.  Each brings their own special talent to the group, along with dedication and conviction of the WIFLE mission.  I look forward to continuing to work with them in a lesser capacity as Past President.  Please join me in welcoming Catherine Sanz, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as your new President.  She will take the reins January 2007.  I know she will do an outstanding job.  I charge each of you to be an active WIFLE member and to recruit another person (female or male) to be an active WIFLE member.  We can only be as strong as our membership!

Again thanks for allowing me to be your President!  I have truly enjoyed representing you!  God bless you all!

With this issue of the WIFLE-Enews, we welcome a new column written by Saundra K. Harman called “Your Federal Benefits Explained.”  Ms. Harman presented a session entitled “Financial Investments for Your Future: CSRS and FERS” at the June 2006 WIFLE Leadership Conference.  We know our readers will find her column interesting and helpful. The first article, Federal Employees' Dental and Vision Insurance Program, is in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed using any of the  links.


Saundra K. Harman is the President and founder of S. Harman & Associates, Inc. and is involved in the development and presentation of employee benefits and employee relations training courses and seminars.  Ms. Harman has conducted hundreds of seminars for federal personnel specialists, managers, and employees.  

Ms. Harman has had 38 years of diverse federal experience, 21 of those as a recognized Federal Employee Benefit Expert.  Prior to founding S. Harman & Associates, Inc., Ms. Harman worked at the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the Office of Legislative and Regulatory Policy and Office of Governmental Affairs.  Her duties at SSA included drafting legislation, developing policy and interpreting Social Security programs, and explaining their implications to other federal agencies.  She developed and conducted for OPM a seminar that presented the provisions of Social Security’s (Retirement, Survivor’s and Disability) programs and the basics of CSRS and FERS to numerous federal agencies at over 180 locations throughout the United States.

In addition to developing, marketing and presenting seminars to federal agency personnel, Ms. Harman has conducted scores of Pre-retirement and Prime Time seminars for federal employees.  She produces a monthly newsletter, Employee Benefits Review, about personnel issues relating to the CSRS, FERS, Federal Employees’ Health Benefit Program, Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance, Social Security, and Medicare.  She authors the Federal Employees’ Guide to Social Security, as well as four booklets which explain, in detail, the aspects of the federal employees’ benefit packages: (1) What You Need to Know About Your Civil Service Retirement System Benefits; (2) What You Need to Know About Your Federal Employees’ Retirement System Benefits; (3) What You Need to Know About Your Offset Civil Service Retirement System Benefits; and (4) What You Should Know About Your Benefits If You Transferred to FERS.

Download the article on Federal Employees' Dental and Vision Insurance Program in PDF Format


  Sponsored in conjunction with EUROPOL

   by Margaret M. Moore, Executive Director, WIFLE

Mark Your Calendars

On January 17, 2007, WIFLE will co-sponsor the third human trafficking seminar with EUROPOL. The seminar will take place at EUROPOL offices at 2300 M Street, N.W., Washington, DC. EUROPOL is the European enforcement organization which aims to improve the effectiveness and cooperation of the competent authorities in the member states of the European Union in preventing and combating terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking, and other serious forms of international organized crime. WIFLE realizes the importance as an organization to remain constant and vigilant about the global issue of human trafficking. Particular attention has been focused on the sexual exploitation of women and children in the past seminars that were co-hosted with the Australian Embassy in 2004 and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in 2005.

The seminars seek to bring together international law enforcement representatives with federal agents and non-governmental agencies to share information about recent successful prosecutions, how the transnational challenges were overcome and the vital role that non-governmental agencies play in these types of cases. John Bruton, European Union Ambassador to the United States, welcomes participants and sets the tone for the seminar. 
Steve Harvey, First Officer for EUROPOL in the Trafficking Human Beings Group in the Netherlands will present, as well as guest speakers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, FBI, Department of Justice and representatives from non-governmental agencies. All federal agents are invited to attend. WIFLE Members have first preference. Registration must take place between December 15, 2006, and January 15, 2007.  Download PDF Flyer for details. Or see Training Opportunities on our website.

Looking to Make a Good Charitable Contribution before the End of 2006?           
by Monica Rocchio, Deputy Executive Director, WIFLE

The WIFLE Executive Committee wants to remind all members and friends of WIFLE that contributions to the WIFLE Scholarship Fund, a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization, will help to fund the educational scholarships awarded in 2007. To make your own contribution, just go to the Scholarship Program on the Website for further details. Information concerning the criteria and application process for 2007 scholarships will be posted on WIFLE’s website on February 1, 2007. A total of $12,000 was awarded by WIFLE to deserving students in 2006. Your generous donations will help to maintain the Fund and ensure that additional scholarships can be awarded in 2007.

Women in law enforcement are making great achievements every day and being recognized for them.  We look to highlight awards and actions that showcase the fine efforts of WIFLE members and others in law enforcement.  If you have examples or events of interest to readers of WIFLE-Enews, please forward them to wifle@comcast.net.  We will try to include them in future Enews if space permits.  For instance, the information below is a summary of the awards recently presented to two special agents of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

State Department Special Agents Named Investigators of the Year

U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Special Agents Kendall Beels and Donnovan Williams shut down a massive visa fraud ring operating in the New York City tri-state area and were awarded as the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation (FLEF) Investigators of the Year. A simple 2004 investigation into a single act of passport fraud became, through the tenacity of Special Agents Beels and Williams, a major visa fraud conspiracy investigation involving some 350 sham marriages between U.S. citizens and Chinese nationals plus a multi-million dollar asset forfeiture.

Special Agents Beels and Williams resurrected a stalled investigation by developing intermediate information critical to reviving the investigation of the primary target. For months, the two special agents culled volumes of data from immigration records, visa application records in U.S. consulates throughout China, and state and city marriage records throughout the United States. Even with that workload, they kept close track of the primary co-conspirators. In August 2006, nearly all the co-conspirators were arrested in pre-dawn raids conducted across four states. It was the largest arrest operation of the calendar year at the Diplomatic Security New York Field Office, and by far the most successful. Multiple search warrants executed the same day yielded evidence of illicit gains in the millions of dollars.

FLEF, established in 1988 by a group of concerned business leaders, annually recognizes Federal Law Enforcement Officers who successfully conducted major criminal investigations in the New York City area. The awards ceremony took place at the New York City Waldorf Astoria Hotel on October 27, 2006, with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff as guest speaker.

Special Agent Beels holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from the University of Georgia. She and her husband, Randy, make their home in Denville, New Jersey. Special Agent Williams holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Monmouth University and served in the U.S. Coast Guard before joining Diplomatic Security.

Read the official U.S. Department of State press release.


Upcoming Events

January 17, 2007 – Human Trafficking Seminar with EUROPOL, Washington, DC
June 25-28, 2007 – WIFLE Eighth Annual Leadership Training Conference, Westin Mission Hills Hotel and Conference Center, Rancho Mirage, CA

Important Reminders

Read the results of a biennial census of Federal agencies which employ personnel with arrest and firearms authority. Women accounted for 16% of Federal officers surveyed in 2004. Visit the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics for additional details.

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Don’t forget to update WIFLE with your changes of address, email, etc. We want to make certain that you receive all WIFLE bulletins and information.

Please remember that the Open Seasons for both the Federal Health Benefit Program (FEHB) and the Flexible Spending Accounts are from November 13 through December 11, 2006. 
For those who are looking to change positions/agencies within the Federal Government, don’t forget to check the job vacancies on the www.usajobs.gov website or the WIFLE website at http://www.wifle.org/careercorner.htm on a regular basis. A few vacancies currently listed include:
  • Criminal Investigator, GS-1811-5/9, Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service INV-NC3820-06 Closing 01/03/07
  • Criminal Investigator, GS-1811-12/13, Dept. of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency HQJ8-07-125227 Closing 12/07/06
  • Police Officer, GS-0083-6/8, Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation 11-2006-0365 
    Closing 12/25/06


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