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WIFLE 2007 Conference is rated BEST EVER.
WIFLE Opening Ceremonies June 2007

Opening Ceremonies at the Eighth Annual Leadership Training Conference
June 26, 2007
June 28, 2007
Rancho Mirage, California

WIFLE returned to the Westin Mission Hills Hotel and Conference Center in June 2007 for its Eighth Annual Leadership Training. The hotel staff was again very accommodating and warm to WIFLE training participants.

The Keynote Speaker, Michele Leonhart, Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, welcomed participants and opened the conference. Her words matched the excitement in the air with anticipation high among conference attendees. 

Later in the day, "The Speed of Trust" presented by Ms. Dottie Gandy of CoveyLink, was especially well received and very relevant in our ever-changing organizational environments. Gaining the trust of subordinates is a topic very much on today's leaders' minds. Ms. Gandy took us through several levels that supervisors can easily achieve to bridge the trust gaps between superiors and employees. The three presentations by the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) on Carrying a Firearm Onboard an Aircraft; a Profile of a Suicide Bomber; and, Iraq-Compiling a Case against Saddam Hussein, kept the audiences riveted. The FAMS presentations were very highly rated by the participants.
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    Leadership Training Conference Keynote Speaker
At the conference opening on Tuesday morning, June 26, Michele Leonhart, Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, welcomed conference attendees and presented the keynote address on "Leading through Vision and Values."

DEA, Michele Leonhart.

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WIFLE Newsletter Highlights.

September 2007 Highlights

.BEST EVER!  Eighth Annual
 Leadership Training,
 June 26-28, 2007

.2007 WIFLE Scholarships
.WIFLE's New President
.WIFLE's New Executive Committee
.WIFLE 2007 Golf Tournament
.Conference Memorabilia
.Wifle Wants Member Stories
.Retirement, Phase Three
.Tribute to ATF SA Kimberly Place 
.Executive Director Receives Award:  ATF Advocate Award




WIFLE 2007 Scholarships Article by Monica Blodgett.
by Monica Blodgett Rocchio, Deputy Executive Director, WIFLE Foundation


WIFLE was pleased to award six $2,000 scholarships this year to Allyson Friestleben, Mary Beth Grimes, Jen-Fang Lee, Jenna Michelle McVeigh, Jennifer Pickett, and Julie Anne Young.   The recipients are located in five different states (two in California ) and one of the recipients also received a scholarship in 2005.

All recipients are involved in various community-related organizations and activities.  One is actively involved in her community through a court-watch program that aims to reduce domestic violence by monitoring the courts to ensure victims are safe and perpetrators are held responsible for their crimes.  A second donates time to the Meals-on-Wheels program, helping to ensure that diabetic customers receive the proper variation in their food to avoid excessive carbohydrates and sugar.  And, a third donates her time to Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing for those who otherwise may never have a home.

One recipient expressed her thanks on learning that she was to receive a scholarship from WIFLE this year, commenting that she would use the funding to continue “…to obtain a 4.0 and later law school to become a prosecutor,” expressing hope “…to make your organization very proud of choosing me.”

Women in Federal Law Enforcement will continue to offer a scholarship(s) to talented individual(s) to meet the demands in the field of law enforcement and to foster the professional development of those engaged in law enforcement.  The dollar amount of each scholarship can range from $500 to $2,000, and vary based on numerous factors.  WIFLE scholarships are awarded annually in conjunction with its Annual Leadership Training Conferences and are based on the student's academic potential, achievement, and commitment to serving communities in the field of law enforcement.  The scholarship is open to all eligible persons. 

Funding comes from various sources throughout the year, including corporate and individual donations, monies raised from the Silent Auction held at the Annual Leadership Training Conference, and proceeds from a Golf Tournament held in conjunction with the Training Conference.  Donations to the WIFLE Scholarship Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, can be made anytime during the year.  Further details are available on the WIFLE website at www.wifle.org/scholarshipprogram.htm.

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WIFLE 2007 President, Rebekah Salazar.

Rebekah Salazar

Welcome to the new President of WIFLE, Rebekah Salazar

We are pleased to announce that Rebekah A. Salazar, who served as WIFLE's treasurer, has moved up to be WIFLE's President for the 2007-2008 term. Rebekah is serving inRebekah Salazar with a group with President Bush. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Border Patrol in the Department of Homeland Security. Rebekah gained some notoriety when President George W. Bush said, " I appreciate Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Rebekah Salazar, who's joined us on stage.." at the time he signed the Homeland Security Appropriations Act into law. 
A currently enrolled law student, Rebekah has been a U.S. border patrol agent for 11 years — following in the footsteps of her father, himself an agent who suggested she join the organization after she couldn’t settle on a major at the University of Texas at El Paso. A 2003 leadership program she participated in through work exposed her to international affairs, politics and the excitement of being in Washington, she says, and convinced her to return to UTEP and get a degree in political science. While there, she grew fascinated with how the law “permeates everything in society,” she says, and knew she wanted to go on to law school. With a full-time job, taking on the Presidency of WIFLE, and law school, Rebekah is a model to other women in law enforcement.

You can read more about Rebekah here, courtesy of Greg Langlois, University of Georgetown Law Center.  (PDF File)

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WIFLE 2007 Executive Committee Article.
WIFLE Announces New Executive Committee

A new executive committee has been appointed by the board effective October 1, 2007. The officers are:

Rebekah Salazar – President, (Asst. Chief. Border Patrol)
AmyJo Lyons – Vice President, (Chief, FBI)
Sabrina Sweat – Secretary, (Special Agent, ICE)
Natalie Murphy – Treasurer, (Supervisory Special Agent, USPSOIG) 

WIFLE 2007 Executive Board.
Pictured above are:
Natalie Murphy, Margaret Moore, Sabrina Sweat, Rebekah Salazar, Catherine Sanz, Barbara Linney (Counsel for WIFLE), Monica Rocchio
Missing from the photo is AmyJo Lyons

The executive committee is responsible for promoting WIFLE, attending monthly agency representatives meetings and assisting with the conference. The committee is appointed for one year and may be extended. Committee members must be WIFLE members and in good standing with their agencies. These positions are volunteer positions and there are numerous ways to assist WIFLE in these positions.

Anyone interested in becoming more involved with WIFLE please send an email to wifle@comcast.net and let us know if you would like to serve as a committee member or chair a project. 

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WIFLE Notes, and more header.

2007 Golf Tournament

Looking for Member Stories

WIFLE Memorabilia

WIFLE’s Annual Golf Tournament was held at the beautiful Pete Dye Resort Course at Rancho Mirage, CA.  Everyone had fun and the Tournament benefited the WIFLE Scholarship Fund.

Pete Dye Professional Golf Course

You can see photos of the Golf Tournament on the WIFLE Website.

Pete Dye Professional Golf Course, Rancho Mirage, CA

Member Stories for the WIFLE Website

WIFLE is asking members to send in their career stories and experiences “in their own words” for the WIFLE website. Member stories from women in various positions in federal law enforcement will appear in a separate section on the website, entitled WIFLE Voices Corner.

Please check the website at www.wifle.org/voicescorner.htm to learn some of the stories your fellow members have submitted. Why not send in your own story to WIFLE!

WIFLE memorabilia is  available for purchase at  www.wiflestore.com. One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales go to the WIFLE Scholarship Fund. 

NEW this year are items with the WIFLE Golf Logo which will now be available year round; T-shirts, mouse pad, hats, and more.

NEW Mouse Pad with WIFLE Golf Logo


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Bring in New Members to WIFLE.


You may not realize it, but one of the benefits of your membership in WIFLE is that you have joined an organization that is a network of professionals who have a variety of law enforcement experiences. And, it goes without saying, that the larger the number of members, the more numerous and diverse those experiences are. 

Please help to increase the number of WIFLE members by bringing in new members who, like yourself, are interested in coming together with other individuals employed and/or involved in law enforcement professions across the country and around the world. 

WIFLE is the only professional organization for women in federal law enforcement and their supporters.  Join now.  www.WIFLE.org/join.htm.

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Federal Benefits Explained.
by Saundra K. Harman, President of Harman & Associates, Inc. Click here for the bio.Bio

Saundra K. Harman.

Download the September article by Saundra K. Harman, 
Phases of Retirement, in PDF format. 


There are, in effect, five phases of planning for and transitioning into retirement from a financial perspective.  In this article, Saundra outlines and explores what you need to know and to do in Phase 3.

"Most people assume that when they are retired they will spend much less than when they are working—no commuting costs, no lunches out, no office gifts, lower dry cleaning bills, possibly even less cost for clothing. In actuality, most retirees spend more in the first five to seven years of their retirement than when they were working. “New” retirees travel more, take up new hobbies or spend more time on old hobbies because they have the time, spend more time and money on grandchildren and frequently start gifting assets to their children. Consider what things will or will not change “expense-wise” after retirement."

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Special Agent ATF.
Kimberly Place. First Female ATF Agent Killed in the Line of Duty 
(PDF File)

Special Agent Kimberly Place, of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Boston Field Division, tragically died on August 1, 2007, as the result of an on-duty automobile accident on I-91 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Special Agent Place, a native of Gloucester, Massachusetts, was a 20-year veteran of ATF, and was assigned to the Springfield Gun Task Force.

Special Agent Place’s family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Kimberly’s name to Cape Ann Animal Aid, 260 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930, Phone: 978-283-6055.

Expressions of condolence may be sent to the Kimberly Place Family, c/o Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Springfield Field Office, 1550 Main Street, Room 317, Springfield, MA 01103.

Additional Details:  Officer Down Memorial Page | Officer Down News | Herald-Tribune Article | Boston dot com Local News 

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WIFLE Executive Director Receives Award.
WIFLE's Executive Director Margaret M. Moore Receives The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) 2007 Advocate Award
by Betsy Casey, Editor, WIFLE-Enews

Margaret M. Moore, ATF Retired.The ATF Advocate Award recognizes a retired ATF employee who continues to advance the work of the women and men of ATF. Winners of this award consistently represent the Bureau’s interest in situations where ATF employees do not have a voice and they must exemplify the values of the ATF extended family, particularly in times of great need. The 2007 Advocate Award was presented to Margaret Moore, Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Science and Technology, retired:

"Margie Moore was not only ATF’s first female special agent in charge, but she retired 8 years ago as the Bureau’s highest ranking female special agent. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) and the Director for the National Center for Women in Policing (NCWP), two non-profit organizations. In her work, she tirelessly champions for ATF as she promotes and protects ATF’s jurisdictional interests. She consistently details ATF’s successful criminal enforcement strategies and its role as a principle federal law enforcement agency. During public speaking engagements, she outlines ATF’s specialized expertise and educates audiences on ATF’s role and successes in combating violent crime. Throughout her distinguished career, she gave of herself to mentor others. She continues to work hard on the issues of recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in law enforcement and is a mentor to the many women with whom she comes into contact. Her ATF credentials are always readily apparent in her non-profit work and she serves as an ATF ambassador. She is an outstanding advocate for the Bureau she served with such distinction."

The awards ceremony was held on August 23, at 10:30 am. Dorene Gentzler, News Center 4, was the mistress of ceremonies. Ms. Moore was presented the Advocate Award by ATF Director Michael Sullivan, Deputy Director Ron Carter, and, Deputy Attorney General Craig Morford. The Advocate Award was one of many awards presented to agents and professional staff for outstanding work, bravery, hostile action, and community service during the awards ceremony.  

Read more about the Executive Director on the WIFLE Website.

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