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WIFLE Leadership Training

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West Coast - Palm Springs, California, June 25-28, 2018. Hotel rates will be equivalent to the government schedule. Room availability several days before and after the training so you can take a day or two for yourself, bring family or meet with friends.



WIFLE members are women and men in Federal, State and local law enforcement; individuals in positions which support Federal, State and local law enforcement; private corporate supporters; and, WIFLE associates and affiliates. Categories and criteria are listed below. WIFLE will review your application for completeness and to be sure you meet the criteria of the membership category selected. WIFLE reserves its right to make final determinations on your application. When there are questions, we will contact you. WIFLE uses online credit card processing for its membership fees.

Membership - $50.00 (USD) 1 year
Eligibility: Regular membership is open to law enforcement officers who are active members of a Federal, State, local law enforcement or police agency; and have powers of arrest or carry a weapon; and are permanent employees. Also eligible for regular membership are Federal, state and local prosecutors, and retired or separated law enforcement persons meeting the criteria for at least five years prior to retirement or separation.

Membership 3-year - $125.00 (USD) 3 years
Eligibility: Same as above for Regular membership.

Associate - $35.00 (USD) 1 year
Eligibility: Associate membership is open to active or retired individuals whose primary function directly supported/supports a law enforcement mission such as attorney, legal adviser, intelligence analyst, forensic chemist, fingerprint analyst, inspector; previous WIFLE student member; LE program manager or supervisor of LE support personnel; and, other criminal justice professionals or others supporting law enforcement, who do not meet the eligibility criteria for a regular or student membership.

Associate 3-year - $80.00 (USD) 3 years
Eligibility: Same as above.

Student Member - $15.00 (USD) 1 year
Eligibility: Student Membership is open to full or part-time students in criminal justice and law enforcement fields, enrolled in an accredited education institution leading to a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Homeland Security, CSI - Crime Scene Investigator, and BS in Criminal Justice or Psychology, for example. Also eligible are individuals taking certification courses such as Associate Degrees in fields such as Accounting, Sciences, Biomedical, Chemical, Environmental, Computers, Software Engineering, for example. Student eligibility ends when an individual receives a degree or the degree-equivalent certification or becomes employed full time.

Supporting Membership - $250.00 (USD) 1 year
Eligibility: Supporting Membership is open to persons and/or corporations interested in furthering the goals of WIFLE, that do not meet the criteria for the Regular or Associate Membership categories.

Life Member - $500.00 (USD) Life Membership
Eligibility: Life Membership is open to those who meet the Regular or Associate Membership criteria.


WIFLE Invites Action

The goals of WIFLE are supplemented by the actions and activities below.

Identify barriers to hiring, promotion, retention, and equitable treatment of women in law enforcement professions and recommend solutions to these problems.

Recruit women into federal law enforcement positions by identifying recruitment sources and strategies.

Monitor the progress of agencies in the hiring, promotion, and retention of women in law enforcement occupations and recommend methods for improvement.

Establish and maintain an information sharing network and mentor women who are interested in or currently employed in Federal law enforcement positions.


Important Membership Benefits

There are many great benefits associated with being a member of WIFLE, including:
leadership training,
advanced skills seminars,
networking and important job-related and life-related information of interest to all women in law enforcement.

Members have access to the Members-Only section of the WIFLE website which has:
a membership directory,
the quarterly Newsletter,
online networking,
links to WIFLE partners and reduced-fee services,
recruitment and retirement information, and more.